Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You should see how I clean the house.

Enough of Steely Dan? No way, man! Just got these photos from AB. Thanks!

Donald Fagen being interviewed at the press conference, backstage, Pori Jazz 2007.

No rain. After a stormy night we are having another hot and beautiful day in Helsinki. I'm editing a book on Moscow. Getting ready for the next weekends PEN club meeting on Central Asia. And trying to find more information on Podcasting. IStori on air, think about that! And this evening the annual Publishers' Crayfish Party is taking place at Klippan restaurant.

I remember how it was last year... Get-togethers, parties, and a lot of work in between. Missing Miss Funnybunny.

Last weekend, when we were having dinner with grandparents, my rebellious but big girl, proudly three-year-old Miss Funnybunny suddenly wanted to tell my mother how splendid a mummy I am: "This mummy of mine is so good," she said, gazing at me with tender, loving eyes and happy, smiling face. "You should see how she cleans our house," she continued. "She is so good at cleaning, my mom. Every day she cleans our house, every day. You should see my mom, how she cleans...".

Then she had to stop; my mom and Mr HP nearly fell on the floor, laughing in tears.

Babylon Sisters, shake it!

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