Thursday, August 30, 2007

Congrats, LIKE! 20th Anniversary.

EDIT: Two of these pictures had been somehow damaged (NOT removed!), and not all the browsers could read them. I have re-uploaded them now, and I hope everybody can see them! IStori


"We are the wise men, not old". Like a founder of Like Publishing Ltd put it. So true.

Mika Siltala and Mr HP.

The highest commander of Like Army (in the middle, of course) saw everything was in order.

For some – probably very good – reason somebody had brought this wig. Boy did we have fun fun fun with it.

Looks fantastic, Aino!

Fun fun fun!

...and even more fun, can you imagine.

The band made our little family wild!

Aino, Mr HP and IStori. Laaasten meehuuheeetkii päättyyii ikäääväässti.

Sedis has already reported about the party.

Thanks, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Onx setsuuri sensannu pari fotoa vex ??? Ne olis kiva nähdä!

I.S. said...

Ei ollu setsuuri. Mutta jotain outoa oli sattunut, en tiedä mitä. (Koodit näytti kuin ois olleet kunnossa.) Mutta iskin kadonneet takaisin uudestaan. Enjoy! IStori