Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From Päijänne to Kirgisia

Now it is raining. Very strange. Even though it has been so dreadful in Western Europe, we have had quite nice weather here in Helsinki. And in Estonia, too.

The shortest update:

1) Congrats, LH! Though we have already celebrated you and the other two Lion friends in Graniittilinna. Wonderful food. I recommend "Kotaporo", reindeer.

2) And, AB, million thanks for the Steely Dan photos! Some of them will end up in this blog, too.

You thought I am finished with Steely Dan? No way. I love Fagen's stuff more than ever.

3) Last weekend we were in an island in the middle of Lake Päijänne. Mr HP got a huge fish, ahven, perch. (Thanks, Vaiheinen!) You will get to see a photo later, once I have been able to download them, but

4) my memory card is not working, and I can't download my 200 Päijänne photos.

5) We swam a lot, and Miss Funnybunny caught a cold. (Like her mother did, every summer.) But when Miss Funnybunny was put to bed – which was NOT easy, believe me – I swan even more. From sauna, I swam about half a kilometer in Asikkalanselkä. And the water there, it is clean, bright and fresh.

6) Now I am also organising a Women Writers' Conference in Helsinki (or helping organising it), with the Women's committee of the Finnish PEN. It is to take place next weekend in Caisa (Fennia block, Mikonkatu). Welcome, everybody. Most of our guests will come from Central Asia. Quite a number of then from Kirgisia, hence the photo below. It is from this cool Mannerheim's Way website.

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Vaiheinen said...

Hi IStori!

Ahven is in English "perch".

Hopefully you get your memory card to rock that we can see here pictures of massive perches:-)