Friday, April 13, 2007

Warps and work

Yes, it is true, we do have an MP who has translated his pages into Klingon! I think this means our country is very friendly to aliens.

And, I have a friend the blog of whom is called Phaser, Vaiheinen. (But guess who's idea that name was!) Do you know what a phaser is? Should you have forgotten, check out the Memory Alpha pages.

Remember the warp drive? And warp factors? (Poimukertoimet!)

And if you visit this MP's (Mr. Jyrki Kasvi's) web pages – which I highly recommend you do – do not fail to read the comments (below the presentation): "If I were a Finn I would vote for you". They are hilarious!

An example: Dude - you are entirely too sensitive to be a KLINGON. Where's the old 'Any day is a good day to die' attitude? Let's go choke a targ for fun! (best wishes) Brian in Kansas, USA

The Klingons and Spartans, they sure have a lot in common. Go and see 300.


Miss Funnybunny has a job: she must play with Tove's cat Sandra while Tove is in London.

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V said...

Should klingon learned in university? Just in case... :-)

This is very nice page and thanks for the name.