Friday, April 20, 2007

Greetings from London. A stupid man.

IStori visited London briefly. Went to the London International Book Fair.

And to Notting Hill, Portobello Road.

And enjoyed a carousel by the London Eye.

And I met a friend to whom I complained Boris Berezovsky being so very, incredibly stupid, STUPID man when he said he is plotting a revolution in Russia. His words exactly, accroding to the Guardian: "We need to use force to change this regime. It isn't possible to change this regime through democratic means. There can be no change without force, pressure."

So it might get violent? That's how his careless utterings were interpreted anyway. He put many human rights activists at risk. He (my friend, not Berezovsky) agreed.

Now the hysteric oligarks and the men in black at Kremlin can (and probably will) accuse anybody of taking money from Berezovsky. Gee. Anybody.

At night I checked in an early morning flight holding the laptop on a trash can – the net connection in our hotel cost money, which was ridiculous. Outside there were several free connections. But no benches.

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