Monday, December 04, 2006

Tuomas. Russia. Maarit. And Love.

I am getting tired. So many strange things have happened this autumn. Maybe it is time for me to sit down, (inhale, exhale, meditate + more of the super boring stuff, like sip herbal tea and knit, and guess what, I already do the latter!!!!!).

Seriously, I must sum everything up and concentrate on one thing at a time, for a while.

Like Tuomas Rantanen will be doing. He, a good friend, co-worker, public figure, and highly appreciated politician will be out of the next parliamentary elections. Willingly NOT running. But instead has decided to spend more time with his family. Tuomas, that's great! (But who will get my vote now?)

There are really important things everybody always finds most important, like family, and friends. But of course.

But then, one needs to get some fulfillment from work, too, and no matter wether the job she is doing is higly cultivated outer-space-like-culturally-intellectual OR down-to-earthly-practical. (At least many of us, in rich European countries get to choose.)

For years, I have been lucky to be able to do things I find most fulfilling and important. I hope I will be able to go on in as good a situation as now, or even better. And, as Tuomas said in today's Helsingin Sanomat, he finds his work as Publishing Director of the Voima magazine worth a huge commitment. I am very happy about it.

I want to a) spend a lot of time with miss F, and that Mr HP does more so, too, and with ME, too, and b) learn Russian, and c) write a book for Miss F.

I addition to this, I do NOT want to stop having endless discussions on the current political problems in Eastern European politics. This, too, I want to do with friends, like AN and OK, and with the rest of the gang.

Then, our discussions will lead to something good. But that will be another story.


Maarit is the best singer in the world. She sang in the 40th anniversary concert of Love Records, in Tavastia, last week.

You should have been there, all of you. Mr Hp and his friend TM were there first, on Wednesday, and I went there with the bride-to-be, future Mrs. Oksanen, on Thursday.

Music is something I will never give up, never ever. But I never need to. We sing, play the piano (and a number of other instruments) with miss Funnnybunny, and we listen to good music. Very. Come Rain Or Come Shine.


Last year, at the annual crayfish party of the Book Guild, we had a bar contest: who is to draw the logo of Love Records CORRECTLY, by heart.

You just copy that now.

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