Sunday, September 10, 2006

Old garden and apples. Beslan.

At the old house of my late grandparents there are apples and plums. A lot of them. Miss Funnybunny enjoyd her day in the countryside. The day was as beautiful as it can be.

When I was nine I wrote a poem about this place. It is describing a dream, sort of:

In Moonlight

I walk in the garden, in moonlight
When I awas five, it was mine
my old playground, I remember it all
this is where ran with my ball

I would give anything
to get back again.

(the same in Finnish:)

Kuljen yksin kuutamossa
näen vanhan leikkipaikan jossa
viisivuotiaana leikin, pihapuutarhaan palloni heitin

Vaikka mitä antaisin
jos pääsisin mä takaisin.

This is a sad poem, but sometimes even little kids think they are getting old and the days of happy childhood will be left behind forever. The saddest point being that they are right.

But the kids who were at the school #1 Sept 1.-3. 2004 in Beslan have grown up too fast -- the ones that survived. And I so much wish there is something we can do to make their lives better, for the sake of less violence and terrorism in the future.

Overview of Beslan catastrophy with portraits of survivors. And hope:

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