Sunday, September 24, 2006

More of John Blacksad, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade and a cool car

Yesterday I was wondering if Guarnido and Canales, the author and cartoonist, the ARTISTS, of Blacksad, were film enthusiasts. (See the entry from yesterday.)

I asked Guarnido this, and yes, of course they are. He said they (Canales and him) like American film noir from the 1940s and '50s very much, and they are also quite familiar with film theory.

Well fitting in the scene, Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade were the cool names of the silver screen he mentioned.

Outside the venue there was this car. This is the same car, the both sides of it. Can you believe that. The cartoon lovers are not tight, when it comes to imagination and creativity.

Soon after the Guarnido interview Miss Funnybunny and I had to leave for home. The festival was a nice happening, and lot of friends of ours everywhere, but it was very hot inside at the fever pitch area, and Miss F was getting very hungry. "What would you like to have"? I asked. "Let's go to a restaurant"! she yelled. "To restaurant, to restaurant!"

But no, we did not do that today, because yesterday we had had bad Chinese. Miss Funnybunny loves rice. For her, no sauces necessarily to go, with that sticky, white stuff. Just rice.

We had had lunch in a worst case restaurant called Dragon Inn, on Iso Roobertinkatu. Never go there. That was so tastless and greasy that I don't want to have Chinese for quite some time. But nonetheless, Miss Funnybunny loved it. Just rice. Lucky her.

At the end she wanted to lick her plate, silly girl.

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