Monday, September 11, 2006

Being useful

Miss Funnybunny is a bit ill, still. It's just flu, but there was no way I could put her to her day care place. So we have been having a happy day together -- what could be a better way to spend a day at home, than making pies out of apples and berries? The ones we picked yesterday (see the previous entry at IStori).

But now Miss F is sound asleep taking her daily nap, and I am thinking about Beslan, again. Or New York, anniversary as it is. I wish so much that she will never experience anything like the inhuman and disastorous events we have witnessed, with the help of international media.

But I also wish she will always realise how lucky she is and will do something to help the victims.

Soon she will give those of her clothes that don't fit any more, and some baby toys, to refugees. A good start.

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