Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oslo Report. Part I

Approaching. The Turku Archipelago and the most polluted sea in the World, the Baltic.

A Must-See. Not because you must, meaning should, but because all (my) routes seem to circulate this: The Royal Castle. (Don't ask me who live in this. I always fail to remember names of the Royals – except Diana.)

One of the main streets and blooming trees.

That's the guy we can thank for annual excitement (and the surprise of giving the main prize for Al Gore!): Alfred Nobel.

Aschehoug Villa. Nice. If I will have a second life after this one, I would very much like to become a Norwegian publisher.

...and part of the Villa from the inside.

Interesting crossroads. There is a fountain in the middle of tram tracks! (Thanks, Iris, for pointing that out.)

Look, It's Winston! Norwegians wanted to build a statue of Churchill after the war. Interesting.

Tram and part of the harbour. Right outside the Nobel Peace Center. I will go there soon.

Travel book store Nomaden. Very impressive. They do not sell only travel guides and books, but also various kinds of gear: clothes, backbags, ooth bris covers, disposable urinals for men, women and kids...

...and sleeping bags, made of silk. Ever seen these, anyone?

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