Sunday, May 18, 2008

On Ignorance

A scandal in Finland: The Parliamentarians (especially representing the Center Party and Coalition) are not interested in who has financed their campaigns (before the last elections).

Needless to say, they have not published the sources of the money flow. According to the Finnish legislation, they should give public the name of the briber, sorry, the name of the benevolent person or company, if the sum exceeds 1 700 euros, but according to the same law, since there is no punishment for an MP for not making it public, "what's the point?", they seem to be thinking.

"Not interested", not even when that have received thousands of euros from the "private sector", who of course, "have a right" to spend their money "however they wish.

That's crap. Not the right to spend, but the lack of eagerness for knowing. Of course they are both interested and very eager to know. (What if they received money from porn industry or drug trade?)

And later on these bought politicians will enthusiastically support the wishes of the certain "private sector".

Among these ignorant servants of the public is our Prime minister Vanhanen.

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Another thing, this one being from Helsingin Sanomat, too:

"Citizens of Finland, Sweden, and Estonia are very worried about the state of the Baltic Sea. According to a poll commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat and conducted by Suomen Gallup, 94% of Finns, 91% of Estonians, and 83% of Swedes see pollution of the sea as a problem that urgently needs to be addressed.

In Finland and Sweden about 40% of respondents feel that the problem is extremely serious, and are calling for immediate action on the matter. More than a third of Estonians feel the same way."

But when some Moscovites were interviewed – well, they do live far from the sea, but nonetheless – they seemed to be most worried of the fact that the Baltic is so cold.

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