Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Famous World Leader

Something for you to laugh at. And believe me, this is a good one.

Some serious tests have been taken; the web wizards have spoken:

If IStori was a Famous World Leader, she would be... (Mr HP just heard the result, and he looked at me with a very strange and dubious look on his face.)

And, what Classic Movie is IStori?

Wuthering Heigths.

Could have been worse. And I certainly hope I am not the hysteric psychopath kind of a Wuthering Heights character, but instead, a charismatic and altruistically kind-hearted person.


a. aka Gandhi said...

Took the test. The yoga I'm doing nowadays probably starts to have an effect...

I. S. said...

Gandhi, how nice! Must be the yoga.

Perhaps I should finally try that.