Monday, February 26, 2007

The BEST Finnish food. (Part II.) Mystery of a POW. Sexy Finn.

I have to admit, the Finnish food I like most is rye bread.

I tried to find a recipe in English in the net, but failed. All the recipes (in English) I found, had stupid fake ingredients, like white flour or eggs. Those really do not belong in the rye bread. Rye bread is just rye, old root of dough (NO yeast, either), water and salt. And it tastes incredibly good!

Did you know, that "Finns eat approximately 50 kg of bread per person every year. One third of that is rye bread." So claimed Vaasan Mylly bread company. I think I eat much more than that 16,666 kilos annually.

And most of the overweight, lazy candy-munching teenagers eat less. (I heard Britney Spears loves junk food and has been told to stop snacking, or else she will be a huge, fat ex-teen idol.) Rye bread keeps people healthy and slim.

All you Finnish expats, you can order you bread here. It must be explained to the non-Finnish-speaking foreigners, that according to the story, the "root" of the dough was brought to the company 80 years ago by a prisoner of war from Archangel.

So, the POW had been carrying the root of the dough all over Archangelsk oblast to the Finnish Lapland, or Carelia? Did he have it already with him when he joined the Soviet forces? How old was it back then? Hundred years? (I sense a good story here.)

This sexy Finn loves rye, too.

And his traditional Finnish knitwear is from where my ancestors came, from Alavus!

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