Saturday, October 14, 2006

Loving candles

I love candles. In the little flame there is so much comfort and warmth that it is almost unbearably beautiful.

It is Saturday, and I am working. I had to do something. Miss Funnybunny and Mr HP are visiting relatives in the countryside, I have zillion deadlines.

I went to Panihida yesterday. It was a Greek orthodox service for Anna Politkovskaya's (Politkovskaja) soul. The Greek orthodoxism was not the most exotic part of the seremony, but the fact that it was held in Swedish. And, it took place in the little church of Holy Trinity, the church wich I pass by almost daily, but in which I have never been before.

I would not have missed it in any case, because I like churches very much, and because some good friends of mine also attended.

Yes, I do like churches: The idea of a place where hatred and violence of any kind, are not allowed, is worth respecting. (Allthough the Bible is full of hatred and violence _of all kinds_. But we'll let that pass, for now...)

Many people say it is the inner though that counts, that beliving is most important, no matter where the service is held.

I think exactly the opposite: It is the church that counts. I am not at all that interested in which religion the holy place belongs to, not at all.


OKAY, okay, even if the church was one the most beautiful tajmahals in the whole world, if it was built for the honour of L. Ron Hubbard, I would dislike the place.

So let me refrase this: If the religion itself has good and unselfish ethical values, and, for example, teaches how all the human beings should love one another, and has these values in its inner core (like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, old wild pantheistic religions, and so on), then I really don't mind to whom does the church belong.

I just want to step inside, feel the atmosphere of regret, mercy and holiness. And admire the beauty of religious arts. And be still for a while.

There will be another Panihida at the cathedral of Uspenski on Monday, at 6 pm. This time in Finnish.

We'll be there, Mr HP, Miss Funnybunny, and I. "Auntie Anna" will get three (more) candles from us, and Miss Funnybunny will send her a kiss, too.

The cathedral of Uspenski is one of the holiest places on earth. Last time we were there lighting candles, was after Beslan siege. I know that church in particular is like a mail box. Anna will hear our thoughts.

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