Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hockey Night. Putin on stage.

Today I walked downtown with Funnybunny, and suddenly something reminded me of the dream I saw last night. It was hilarious. I burst out laughing in the middle of traffic lights.

There we go: I was taking some evening classes, aiming at some kind of degree. (Perhaps I still feel I need more education? Though I'm just another brick in the wall.) The avuncular professor was very strict and said he demands a lot. (He was a lot like my math teacher in high school, a man who looked like raisin, without any human side.) "Only few, perhaps none" of us will pass the tests, he said, and "every day is like a test" for us. Gee. (That's what I have always felt in or outside school.) And my cousin TS was there with me. She whispered to me she wants to do "her absolute best".

So then we all were given our first tasks, with preaches: "Don't fail now, this is far too important."

TS and I went to a cafe nearby, to write our essays.

And the question was: "How would you define the on-going situation of the Finnish Ice Hockey League."

I was dumbfounded. So THIS is the question. (Given the fact that I have no idea WHAT the "on-going situation" is. Or if there is any "situation". The first round is on, yes, but that's all. I will start paying attention in spring, nearer the finals, of course.)

Pip-pip, Sir. TS took her phone and started calling Kalervo Kummola, the leading man of the Finnish Hockey League. Soon she was interviewing him on the phone. I wanted reply immediately. I wrote:

The players are extremely bad.
The managers are extremely bad.
The leadership is extremely bad.
The referees are extremely bad.
The fans are extremely bad.

(Then I started laughing and woke up. Quite negative an answer, wasn't it! But as Mr HP put it, I have to see the next episode tonight, if I passed the test or not, because else I have to start napping in daytime, too!)


Putin's Russia, a play based on a book written by Anna Politkovskaya, will be on stage again soon, in Koko-teatteri. I will invite my friends and acquaintances, everybody, to one of the evenings. In early December.

More about this later.

See you there.

I miss Anna.

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