Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm waiting. Please hurry up now.

The building of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is the white one (actually, it's yellow), on the island of Katajanokka, Helsinki. The painter of this picture must be standing on Tervasaari.(Tjärholmen in Swedish, Tar island).

I proudly state I have not sent 200 sms to any stripper. (Unlike Mr Ilkka Kanerva, who is soon to resign as a Minister for Foreign Affairs, see here.)

So I am most willing to start as the newest Minister for Foreign Affairs.

I have travelled and know a fact or two about these businesses. (... not too many more, but hey, nobody's perfect.)

Like Mr Kanerva, I also love sports, especially football. I would boycott the Opening Ceremony of the next Olympics (unless Dalai Lama would tell me not to), but would enthusiatically attend the Football cups, both the European and the World Cup, and even African Cup and Copa Americana, should you so wish.

I'd also like to meet with Dalai Lama, my utmost political hero (alive).

Dear head of state Matti Vanhanen, please do ask me quickly, I am a very busy woman.


Anonymous said...

Hei, EVERYBODY knew Ike and his weakness for the females, so what's the deal with the sms fuss and kicking him off? Wonder how long Stubb will last before he'll be stubbed ... IIDA FOR MINISTER!!!
Ode Ffm

I.S. said...

Thanks for support. But I don't think Stubb will have many problems, he is far too clever. But Ike is... well, a bit too much to deal with, especially during these times when the parliament is investigating the cases of sexual harassment among the parlamentarians.

Vaiheinen said...

But... but Ike doesn't have any moustache!:-) I support you too, but there is one small/major problem within this governmental season; you should be as a memeber of National Coalition Party. Cleverness does not avoid to mess things...