Thursday, March 01, 2007

Warlord offers a goat for Mrs Kenya's hand

How would you define the word "impossible"? Some things are impossible, like cows flying, plutonium disappearing from the earth, or George W. Bush becoming an intellectual. Well, how would you like the idea of You becoming one of Ramzan Kadyrov's wives?

And, since the object of the eager proposal was Mrs Kenya, does it mean that in Kenya – let alone Chechnya – women can take several husbands? Now, that would be some equality...

And, if you marry a Warlord, what does that make you? Warlady?

Warlord offers a goat for Mrs Kenya's hand
(by Adrian Blomfield in Moscow)

Traditionalists maintain that the best way to a girl's heart is to say it with flowers.
But if you are a feared Chechen warlord it could be better to say it with livestock.
That, at least, was the method adopted by President Ramzan Kadyrov
this weekend when he offered to make a visiting African beauty queen
one of his wives and sweetened the proposal by presenting her with two
horses, two chickens and a goat.
If she was taken aback, Caroline Varkaik, Kenya's contender at next month's Mrs World contest in Russia, covered it up well. Looking briefly surprised, she clasped Mr Kadyrov in a bear hug and promised to return in a year.
It was a strange conclusion to a controversial jaunt into lawless Chechnya
— scene of two brutally suppressed rebellions in the past 12 years — by
the participants of the 2007 Mrs World pageant. Touring Russia ahead of
the contest's finals, to be held in the Black Sea resort ofSochi on
March 8, many of the beauty queens on board the charter flight that
took them to the neighbouring and almost lawless province ofIngushetia, were reportedly unaware of their destination.

They were then whisked to Chechnya in a convoy of 15 black Porsches, with armed soldiers positioned every 500 yards along the 30-mile road to protect from rebel attack.
Supposed to be more wholesome than its Miss World counterpart — as well as
parading in the swimsuits contestants also show how quickly they can
change a nappy — the pageant has been mired in scandal of late.
Last year's competition in St Petersburg saw the winning tiara being ripped off a tearful Mrs Costa Rica's head before being handed to Mrs Russia, who was an 18-year-old model married to one of the country's richest men, fuelling allegations of vote rigging.

(Almost the same story in other words, and the first photo here in Kommersant.)


a-s said...

What a weird piece of news! First the goat and the horse (wouldn´t mind having them myself, but if the bonus is the warlord have to think about it a bit more...) and then these two worlds meeting each other: a land in terror on the other hand, beauty queens in Porsches on the other.

I hope the contestants saw something behind the darkened windows of the limousines - maybe then they would have a really true meaning in their traditional wishes of peace and people of the world holding each others hands...

I. S. said...

But guess how jealous the other wives would be: them being just... eh... wives, and then you arrive in the Kadyrov harem with your excellent goat, horse and two chickens.

Vilhelm Konnander said...

Dear IStori,

This is simply outrageously funny and sad at the same time. Whatever this Kadyrov character is getting up to next, no good will come from it. Just imagine him swishing through the streets of Grozny - at least the luxuriously rebuilt city-centre - in his 30-years' birthday present - a red Ferrari. The day one stops being surprised is probably the day one dies.



I. S. said...

Dear Vilhelm,

Heja, Sverige! Yes, Kadyvo's moves seem very absurd, and Groznyi - or the idea of it, as I have never been there - seems surreal.

But him having a harem of wives is much better idea compared to him having a private jail and torture chambers. (But he just might have all of them...)

Best wishes,

serah said...

l have a lot of respect for eyewitnesses who talk about something because they were there but please if you were notin chechyna during the mrs world trip keep your comments to your self l have never heard of any leader of a country who gets good review from the public even jesus who used to perform miracles was hated and ridiculed by some like you.
long life Ramazan

VERKAIK said...