Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Flu. What the ... is Matrix?

Everybody, the whole Finland, has had a terrible cold, and now it is my turn. I think I am the last one to get sick. Everybody else have got well, totally recovered, and now they are having fun and partying, and practising extreme sports like skydiving, or horseback riding on ice, or snowboarding in half-pipe, or diving with white sharks, or at least having wild sex. Everybody except me who has to gather all her strength just to survive a normal day without falling asleep. (But unfortunately, I wasn't doing all those funny things all the time when the rest of the world was having this flu before me. Oh gee, I should have lived, much much more!) This flu has had a huge impact on my brain, too. I just can't think of anything clever. So why blog? Oh, just to spill around my stupidity and misery.

But I CAN SEE THE LIGHT: THIS made me laugh!

I must confess, so did the original movie, the plot was so incredibly weird: all for alien energy production!

Perhaps the Muppets' version is the original, and the Wachowski brothers stole the idea from the frog? Must be that way round.

Back to bed now. Luckily I have the newest
Rankin. That could make me stay awake for a while.

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